Student Created Architectural Models more

Students in David Morong's Theater 596 class in Television, Film and New Media developed these models for SDSU's Second Life Island (the project description). The original Hepner Hall and Scripps Cottage were built in the early 1930s and are campus historical landmarks. The Library's InfoDome, built in 1996, is also an SDSU architectural highlight.

First iteration models: Hepner Hall and Scripps Cottage use 190 and 172 prims respectively. The InfoDome is 806 prims. Each model is scaled at 1.3x the actual size. The Dome is prim heavy because it's "like building a ball out of toothpicks." Fewer toothpicks would result in a less authentic looking Dome. The entire island is allotted 10,000 total prims, which sounds like a lot, but that includes permanent structures and ongoing building (e.g. in the sandbox, during courses) at any given time. Prim efficiency and aesthetics--interesting design challenges.
Untextured model of Hepner Hall, Designer: David Morong

Untexturtured model of Scripps Cottage, Designer: Andy Hull (Model chosen to be featured as a 3D building on Google Earth)

Untextured model of the Library's InfoDome, Designer: Chris Allison