Island Guidelines*

Aztlan Community Standards

Please be familiar with Second Life Community Standards "The goals of the Community Standards are simple: treat each other with respect and without harassment, adhere to local standards as indicated by simulator ratings, and refrain from any hate activity which slurs a real-world individual or real-world community. Behavioral Guidelines - The 'Big Six'"

San Diego State University's virtual island is a workspace for creativity, collaboration and learning. Avatars visiting or working on the Island are asked to respect each other and follow these guidelines.
  • identify your real life name and affiliation with SDSU (e.g. I'm a student in David Morong's film class) on your avatar profile.
  • do not build on areas not assigned to you.
  • do not interfere with, or edit objects that are not yours.
  • clean up your temporary objects before you leave.
  • do not use inappropriate language in chatting or instant messaging.
  • do not attack or deliberately push other avatars. This is a “no-griefing” zone.
  • understand that nudity or sexual acts are prohibited.
  • wear attire and use gestures and HUD’s that are non-offensive.
  • be courteous to groups or classes gathering and meeting on the island.
  • observe our building codes.
In addition...
  • NO weapons or vehicles of any kind are permitted on the island.
  • Selling goods or services is prohibited.

If you feel any of these guidelines have not been observed, please contact Czarina Zane or Aurili Oh (in-world) or email Suzanne Aurilio.
Misconduct may result in an avatar being banned from the island.

Building and Island Usages Guidelines

Generally, Aztlan is similar to our physical campus space in that both are primarily public spaces and are multipurpose. It's different in that student-centered building and projects, and building generally are its focus. Below are more specific guidelines.
  • The sandbox is a community building space. Please consider the size of your build when others are building. The sandbox will automatically clear every 24 hours, so please take your objects (put them in your inventory before you leave). If you need more space on a regular basis request a private sky sandbox. If you have any special requests contact us.
  • Parcels are available for students, faculty and staff. Submit a proposal to request one. Parcel size, prim limits and time frame are contingent on a number of factors, such as the the availability of space/prims.
  • Meetings/Gatherings
    • Informal/Impromptu meetings/gatherings are fine, but if you're planning on having a group of 5 or more avatars, please coordinate with Czarina Zane or Aurili Oh (in-world) or email Suzanne Aurilio
    • If you'd like to arrange space for formal meetings (e.g. for classes) or regular meetings please coordinate with Czarina Zane or Aurili Oh (in-world) or email Suzanne Aurilio.
  • Hanging out - You're very welcome to hang out on the island, meet up with friends, etc. Look for the Chicomoztoc pillows to sit down (Right click>Sit Here). They're on Montezuma Mesa, and the brick walls around the sandbox, and onto of Torrey Pine's trails. Please be considerate of others' activities.


Second Life is a proprietary virtual world, run by Linden Lab. It is intended for persons 18 years old and older, and persons from all walks of life and from all over the world use it. The SDSU Island is not closed off to visitors. As on our real-world campus, anyone can walk around our island. While we make every attempt to maintain the Community Standards provided above, Aztlan Island, SDSU in Second Life cannot be held unduly responsible for the actions of visitors. In addition, A
ztlan Island, SDSU in Second Life is not responsible for the actions of students, faculty and staff when they are logged into Second Life, but not on Aztlan.
Aztlan Island, SDSU in Second Life respect the privacy of individuals.

The Aztlan Island, SDSU in Second Life Initiative is an experiment. As it develops, our guidelines will likely develop as well. Please check back periodically. If you're interested in being a part of the development and administration of the Initiative, please contact Suzanne Aurilio,