Student Projects

3D Modeling of SDSU Architectural Landmarks

In 2009 students in David Morong's Theater 596 class in Television, Film and New Media were the first to contribute to the Island by building these architectural models, replicas of three of the most well known structures on campus, Hepner Hall, Scripps Cottageand the Library's Dome. Andy Hull designed Scripps Cottage and Chris Allison designed the Dome as part of this project. Listen to David talk about the project (4 mins).

Art Gallery Exhibit Modeling

In early 2010, students (Kate and Moni) in Tina Yapelli's ART 491 class, Gallery Exhibit Design are creating their capstone project, a scaled art gallery exhibit, using Second Life. This pilot project is intended to identify the affordances and constraints of the platform (and the external design software needed) for meeting the learning outcomes of the course project. Professor Yapelli is also the Director of the University Art Gallery; this pilot will help identify the feasibility of creating a virtual University Art Gallery on Aztlan. Follow this project. Listen to Kate and Moni talk about their experience 3/17/10 (2 mins).

Machinima Artist Studio -- Sherry Shophoff

In Fall 2010, Interdisciplinary Studies student Sherry Shophoff created a machinima film studio on Aztlan. Her goal is to "establish a machinima and multi-media production cooperative on Aztlan Island [with the] belief that that a RL/SL cooperative could benefit performing artists, designers and technicians significantly by providing them with the international audience base of SL, as well as open avenues to new RL/SL collaborations and works. " Sherry Shophoff


Performances: Professor Emily Hicks , Chicano/a Studies and English and Comparative Literature, will perform Marquesa Returns to Academe from the Aran Islands." on Scripp's Cottage Isle. Her students will be invited, following each performance, to participate in an open mic session. Performances are Tues, 2:30 starting April 6 until May 25. Follow this project.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Sabine Lawless-Reljic, doctoral candidate in the SDSU/USD joint doctoral program, defended her dissertation on the Island on March 3, 2010. The title is: The Effects of Instructor Avatar Immediacy in Second Life, An Immersive and Interactive 3D Virtual Environment.


Cathy Arreguin, instructor of educational technology designed and taught a one-unit course, Edtec 700-Teaching in Second Life, to California, K-12 teachers in the Cohort Online Masters in Educational Technology Program. on the Island in Spring, 2010.
Student Projects-EdTech 700 Teaching in Second Life