Getting Started

For Everyone

The first thing to do is get yourself a free account. Peruse the website too. Then download this PDF Quick Start to learn how to get started, how to communicate, get around, make friends and join a community. Note: For someone with no prior gaming experience, it could take up to 30 hours to master these skills.

When you login to Second Life for the first time, do so through the New Media Consortium Community portal. You'll be taken to their orientation island. It's a good place to learn the basics. orientation, then go to Aztlan Island. To get there open your Map and in the Search field type Aztlan. In Location input the coordinates: 182, 94, 41, then click Teleport.

Click here to go directly to Aztlan Island (clicking this link will open the Second Life® client)

For instructors

Once You're Started

General Help

Explore Second Life

Using their Destination Guide , teleport to the best places for art, education, non-profits, sports, music, science, technology and much more.

Get your Avatar Looking Good

  • Hey Avatar- Video tutorials on tips and tricks for your avatar

Learn How to Build

Torley Linden videos on YouTube(Lots of basic and intermediate level video tutorials)

The only way to learn Second Life is to do it. In-world, you'll find all kinds of opportunities to learn and practice. (A list of places is available in-world, click on the InfoHub next to the Building sandbox on Aztlan)
  • Attend classes at building schools,regularly schedules classes, sandboxes and contests.
  • Join Building Groups

Other Building Resources

Live Feed: Topical Bookmarks for Building