Get Involved

For Faculty and Staff

Please contact Suzanne Aurilio at or ext 4-2953 for information about using Aztlan Island. Please provide a brief description of your idea or project that includes the following:
  • Project context - Is this part of a course, a program, a one time or on-going endeavor?
  • Number of Students expected to be involved
  • Project learning outcomes - What competencies will students have gained as a result of participating?

For Students

We want you to walk away from Second LifeĀ® with something to show for your work, such as a portfolio piece or a project to add to your resume. Here is a shortlist of the learning outcomes you'll achieve as a result of world-building in Second Life. You'll be able to:
  • use the platforms 3D modeling and scripting tools create objects and add interactivity to them
  • use external programs to create and edit animations, graphics, sound and movies
  • use the platforms communication tools, social networking features and surrounding knowledge base to work effectively in this 3D world
  • interact in an avatar-based environment with people from across the globe
  • solve complex problems associated with a sophisticated social and technological online world
  • feel confident that you can use other 3D virtual environments

If you're interested in doing a project in Second Life, please fill out the form below. All fields are required. If you don't have an avatar name yet, please fill in "none".