Project Proposal for David Morong's 3D class

Become an Architect of SDSU's 3D world, Aztlan Island in Second Life

Second Life is an online 3D virtual world where users primarily world-build and socialize. It's a creative space more than anything and we're looking for 3D designers interested in having fun while building out their skill-set and adding a piece to their portfolio.

Design Cycle 1 Projects - Timeline Fall 2009

We need Hepner Hall, The Library Dome and Scripps Cottage which have already been planned into the Island Design

Design Cycle 2 Projects - Timeline Fall 2009 and Spring 2010

We also need structures for other students to use, and possibly other objects that fit with the island theme.

Design Process Overview

  • Using Sketchup, Sketchlife and Second Life you'll create a bulding(s) for our Second Life Island. Design Cycle 1 projects are Hepner Hall, Library Dome and Scripps Cottage. Design Cycle 2 projects are other structures for the island.
  • To do that, you'll need a Second Life Avatar (Account), to be somewhat familiar with Sketchup, and willing to learn Sketchlife.
  • You'll work with our Second Life® designer on build themes and specifications such as dimensions, prim efficiency, whether the model will be functional, etc.
  • All the software is free. You'll be provided the funds for uploading the model into Second Life®. This should be a few dollars, if that.


  • Examples of sketchlife models in Second Life®
  • Sketchlife website, complete with software download, tutorials, examples.
  • Use the Second Life Forums, search Sketchlife for discussion threads. As of Oct 1, 2009, there are two threads with about 15 posts. (You need to an SL account to access Forums)

Benefits to You Include:

  • Experience working on a major 3D design initiative, a portfolio piece
  • Letter of appreciate and public recognition for your contribution.
  • Invitation to a Luncheon in Spring 2010, the formal launch of the island
  • Building space on Aztlan
  • Collaborating with a network of SDSU faculty and staff using cutting edge technologies


  • This is a great opportunity for the right person(s), therefore we've laid some of the things we expect from you and what you can expect from us.
  • You
    • Be professional: Follow through on commitments, show up on time and communicate.
    • You should be able to work independently yet interdependently. Because no-one has all the answers, we rely on each other and we also figure things out on our own, using available resources.
    • Know your limits and let us know. These kinds of projects are engaging and often time vampires. Don't bite off more than you can chew. :)
    • Work in team or solo, whatever works best for you.
  • Us
    • We're professional and follow through on commitments, show up on time and communicate.
    • We'll provide you with the answers we can and point you to the right people and resources. Just ask.
    • We respect that you're busy and will work around your schedule as much as we can.
    • The lead on this initiative is Suzanne Aurilio. My door is open, my office is AD 220C. Come by or contact me anytime. 619-594-2953, pict at Here's a draft of my research: Learning in the Wild of a Virtual World

W00t! as they say in Second Life®.